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Warriors Rising Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose vision and mission is to share the gift of yoga with those who have suffered from trauma to help them heal, mind, body and soul, reclaiming their spirit and rewriting their story, to one of happiness and hope. 

We offer free yoga classes delivered by qualified and experienced yoga teachers in NYC.

A Warrior's Tale

My journey begins today 

And nothing will stand in my way


To regain my soul 

And make myself whole


A Warrior's journey 

Sometimes may end in a gurney


But with courage and heart 

One can always restart


Where scars from the field 

Are sure to be healed


With love and support 

We shall not abort


This mission of life 

And all of its strife


So let's start anew 

And gaze out to the ocean blue


For as we watch the sunset 

Our lives will reset


With the sun in our eyes 

We shall again RISE!


And when we do 

We can help others too


Because love is the cure 

To heal and restore


So let us unite 

As Eagles in flight


As we let our hearts soar 

For this 'tour' is no more!


And as we make our way home 

We shall know, we are not alone

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